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There has recently been some controversy as to when this picture was taken. We thought is was 1812 because that's what it said on the back of the picture. A Hinkle's fan sent us an email and pointed out that it was impossible for there to be electric Trolleys in 1812. After doing some research, we found that he or she was correct. It wasn't until about 1890 that the electric Trolley was used in any major US city and the electric light bulb wasn't used on a commercial basis until about 1883. However, the telegraph has been around since 1844 and could explain the electric poles close to Roger's Drug store. Or maybe not. The horse drawn or mule drawn rail cart or Trolley was invented around 1820, so it cannot be 1812. We cannot tell whether or not the Trolley is electric or animal powered. There is one important clue though...the building that houses Hinkle's wan not built until 1865, so this picture had to be taken after that. Note that there are no automobiles or tire tracks on the mud road, so it is not likely that the picture was taken after 1908. So, by using the power of deductive reasoning, we have established that the photo was taken somewhere between 1865 and 1908, instead of 1812.

We'd love to know when this photo was taken and by whom. If you know, let us know by email at: History@HinkleBurger.com

This picture was taken in 2007. This, we are absolutely sure of.

Kraig Bergeron     KraigBergeron.com